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Sincere Intent Part 2

It's fast becoming a Sixth Sense or some sense of sorts for me, last week I posted something on FB and pulled back in no time, thinking of the purpose and the futility of the exercise. It said the following

"As I stood there with my friends to get inside our car eager and exited to go to a new place" I knew i was leaving the best part of my life behind knowing very well that some of them I would never hear or see them"- my thoughts summer of 1984.

My thoughts on the last day in Gulbarga my dad got transferred back to Hubli; all along I was exited and eager to go back to the city where I was born.

Here comes sincere intent part 2
Well it all began on Sunday 12th Dec 2010 where me, my wife and akaash discussing just how difficult it was for all of us to find our childhood friends and the challenges faced by each one. With boys having incomplete information and girls who had a probability of changing their surnames after marriage. We all laughed and just left the topic thinking something’s are meant to be the way they are.   

Come Tuesday post lunch few min relax my visit to FB was almost coming to an end remembered my Sunday’s discussions and then i just typed Lakshmi Ratnakar thinking no result will be returned. To my huge surprise i just got one result from the search.

When I saw her school listing and year i knew i had hit upon my childhood friend. Lakshmi you resemble the same as you were as a Kid. One of the most precious things you have preserved is the 2nd grade class photo it opened up the gateway to the entire class mates’ hats off to you.

As i grew i always had this thing in me as to how i missed the photo of my class mates. Such an important snap and the members of that snap. Have started sending out requests to that entire bunch of kids in the snaps lol.

Once again a big thanks to all of us, we all have to pat ourselves for making accessible our profiles completely. While my previous friend Sanil's find was special and he was four years elder to me, this one is even more special simply because it captures the entire class of 1982.

I take one learning from you as to how well you have updated your schools and colleges which will help all.
With your approval of copyright i include our class of 1982 snap

Thanks Again
Sharanu S Shirol
The kid who saw stars even in broad day light J (I am referring to my snap 8th from right the top most rows)

An update; Was able to touch base with Manoj and Shashank waiting for Pramod

Sincere Intent

Life has a un canny knack of coming up with an experiences that either floors you or humbles you. Just the other (Feb 26) day i posted a message on google buzz which said

"In your life, you meet people. Some you never think about again. Some, you wonder what happened to them. There are some that you wonder if they ever think about you. And then there are some you wish you never had to think about again. But you do."

Some of my friends asked me which one of those thoughts crossed my mind, for which i simply responded and said i liked

"Some, you wonder what happened to them." And i took pains to tell that i sincerely wonder what happened to my childhood friends.
Strange divine intervention it might sound my 1st standard friend who was my neighbor in Gulbarga scrapped me on orkut yesterday(3rd March) that’s close to 3 decades after knowing him.

Have a lot more catchup to do with him
i finally know now what happened to my childhood friend ....
Moral of the story if your thoughts and intent are sincere even the almighty will lend a helping hand
Thanks Sanil for having a brilliant memory to trace me ...... lets search the rest who equally meant a lot for both of us

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Crumbs said...


You are blessed to have such good friends who remember you, hunt you down after decades and want to keep in touch. :)

God bless.

Akaash Chandra Kundapur said...

hahaha ... awesome. I dint know that our stupid discussion was taken seriously by you.
Hats off.

""The kid who saw stars even in broad day light"" - best of the lot :p

meghana patil said...

ossom mama... theres no good writer thn u ... i declare. surely ul fnd mny of ur frends